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Salaries and Benefits for this job.

The median wage for all types of fine artists, including cartoonists and animators, is $18.54 per hour, or $3,214 for a full-time worker. Half of which earn between $13.55 and $25.85 per hour, or between $2,349 and $4,481 per month in Minnesota.

Nationally, the median wage for animators is $2,940 per month ($16.95 per hour). Half of all animators earn between $2,000 and $4,000 per month ($11.52 and $23.10 per hour).

Wages can vary by the clientelle and the artist's reputation. In general, animators earn more than cartoonists. Most cartoonists and animators are self-employed and sell their work by the piece. When they start out, they often earn less than minimum wage. Cartoonists who are well established may also earn commissions. Comic strip artists are paid according to how many newspapers carry their strip. Most start out as freelance artists, working for different emloyers.

Some employers offer benefits for full-time employees. These may include sick leave, paid vacation, and medical insurance. However, many cartoonists and animators are self-employed or work part time. These workers must provide their own benefits.

People interested in this profession can expect to earn $200 per week to $500 per week, to $1500 per week. Freelance cartoonist will usually earn about $100-$1200 a week. Animators can expect around $1000 a week, while Cell Painters can expect approximately $800 per week. Production workers will earn roughly $400 a week.