About Claymation


A brief explanation on the subject.

Claymation is a time-old technique, used my many animators. Some may ask, "What is claymation exactly?". Claymation is an animation technique that employs the material plastercine as the subject of movement. In clay animation, each object is sculpted in clay or the similarly pliable material Plasticine, usually around an armature. An armature is a solid frame for the clay. The armature acts as a structure, which helps support the clay. It also makes it easier to move the clay without ruining the shape. As in other forms of object animation, the object is arranged on the set, a shot is taken and the object or character is then moved very slightly by hand. Another shot is taken and the object moved slightly again. To achieve the best results, a consistent shooting environment is needed to maintain the illusion of continuity. This means paying special attention to maintaining consistent lighting and object placement. This is known as stop motion animation.


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