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Education and training required for this job.

There are some requirements to being a cartoonist or an animator, including some education and training. Back in 2000, a minimal education for this occupation was a post-secondary education. However, the education requirement has somewhat changed. Now the general minimal education level is a highschool diploma. Cartoonists usually attend some fine art or fine art-related classes. Animators will also need some training in computer basics. Art apprenticeships are also usually available to those who are interested in this profession.
Some classes that are good preparation for this profession are:
Fine and Performing Arts
Art Appreciation
Art History
Drawing and Painting
Printmaking and Graphics
Film and Videotape
English and Literature
English and Language Arts (Four years)
Language Arts Laboratory
English Composition
Advanced English Composition courses
Advanced Literature courses
Creative Writing
English Grammar
Computer and Information Sciences
Basic Computer
General Computer Applications
Computer Graphics
Computing Systems

People interested in this profession will also require some communication skills, organizational skills, good time management and planning skills, and also reasoning skills. People in cartooning and animation can expect to work with others, as well as working independently. Cartoonists are also usually expected to have a good sense of humor. Lastly but not least, people will also need to have talent in this industry, and the ability to rise above the rest.