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Various activities in the workplace for this job.

There are several differect activities for Cartoonists and Animators. People interested in this job can expect some of the following as work activities and occupational tasks.
  • Discuss ideas for cartoons with editors and creative directors.
  • Develop original ideas or use current news events to inspire drawings.
  • Create sketch or model of characters and submit for approval.
  • Paint or draw cartoons on paper or other surfaces.
  • Assign colors to be used in shapes and patterns.
  • Make changes to cartoon drafts as necessary.
  • Produce many drawings for film animation.
  • Use computers to draw and reproduce cartoons.
  • Draw editorial cartoons.
  • Create storyboards for advertising agencies.
  • They can also expect the common activities popular in many different occupations such as thinking creatively, researching for the job, and handling different objects.